Engineer, Mixer, Producer…

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Eric Racy is a platinum mixer, producer, engineer and remixer with credits and clients that include Nicki Minaj, Pharrell, Tyga, Jonathan Davis, 2NE1, Ministry, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Busta Rhymes, Photek and many more.

Eric started his career in the underground dance music scene, releasing music and working along side EDM legends like Ink, Loxy and Tech Itch. During this time Eric became more focused on traditional engineering and eventually turned his attention to working with artists and bands. Using his background in sound design and electronic music, Eric brought a unique style and approach to the process of producing and mixing.

bbvtmpCurrently, Eric lives and works in LA in a wide range of genres and with clients ranging from indie bands to Grammy winning pop artists.  In addition to work in the studio, Eric has been sought out to bring his knowledge and expertise to multiple live shows and tours.  Recently YG Entertainment called on Eric to help bring mega K Pop group 2ne1’s first world tour to life on a massive scale.

Eric is also one half of “Black Box Analog Design”, a boutique company that builds handmade tube, studio equipment.

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